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Shannon McEwan is a Certified Dragon's Way Qigong® Instructor and Qigong for Breast Health Facilitator. She has been studying with Grand Master Nan Lu through The Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, and the Tao of Healing School in New York City diligently for 2.5 years. Shannon continues to be inspired by the self-healing power of this ancient wisdom and practice. She has healed many mind body spirit imbalances within herself with the power of Qi - Energy - Life Force. Everyone has this potential... to heal thyself.
All classes at this time are in person in central Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Summer 4 week evening 3E's Qigong (Energy, Everybody, Everyday) session:

Thursdays June 20-July 11th 6:30-7:15pm Sundance Lake

Autumn 6 week daytime Dragon's Way Qigong® session:
Wednesdays Sept 18-Oct 23rd 10-11am Haysboro Community Centre


 Autumn 4 week evening Breast Health Qigong session:
Wednesdays Sept 18-Oct 9th 5:30-6:30pm Sundance Lake
*in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month (October)

Lunar New Year 

February 10th, 2024

It’s the Year of the Dragon!

It’s a powerful & transformative year

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Dragon's Way

Dragon’s Way Qigong® is a 6-week comprehensive program that brings the body back to balance. It is based on ancient wisdom that reminds us, health is only possible when energy flows freely in the body.
Stress and modern day demands can make living in a state of flow challenging.


During this class you will learn:

• 10 powerful Qigong energy exercises that stimulate the meridian system in the energetic body
(the same meridians Acupuncturists & Traditional Doctors of Chinese Medicine work with)

• To relate to your emotions differently

• To decode your body’s messages

• About 5 Element Theory

• To enjoy a new style of eating

This class may be for you if you:

• Would like to have more energy/vitality

• Have an injury or condition you would like to heal

• Would like to start sleeping better

• Would like to gain strength, increase balance, or lose weight

*6 hour in-class commitment with encouragement to practice with Master Lu’s video on demand
for 25 mins a day between classes.


Instructional Materials:

The class includes lifetime access to the Dragon’s Way Qigong® instructional video on demand with Grand Master Nan Lu, the Dragons Way Qigong Guide Book, & supporting materials.

I hope you will join us! Please fill out the contact form below if interested.

For more information on the history of Dragon's Way Qigong®, click here.

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Breast Health

Breast Health Qigong

Modern science has discovered that everything is energy thanks to Albert Einstein and his Special Theory of Relativity E=MC². Modern science has also discovered that energy and mass are interchangeable, therefore all breast conditions such as calcifications, cysts, and tumors can be viewed as energy transformed into mass.

Based on this concept, Nan Lu, OMD, has developed a unique program that uses Wu Ming Qigong ancient energy movements to effectively guide energy through the breast area.  When energy flows freely, you can create better breast health.

This 4-week in person class explores 7 energy exercises that stimulate the stomach, kidney and liver meridians that run through the body and breasts.  We will practice these qigong movements together, talk about eating for health and overall lifestyle changes that can promote longevity.

True prevention is creating balance and harmony in the body before cancer has a chance to form.

*4 hour in-class commitment with encouragement to practice with Master Lu’s video on demand for 25 mins a day between classes.

Instructional Materials:

The class includes lifetime access to the Breast Health Qigong instructional video on demand with Grand Master Nan Lu and the Breast Cancer Prevention Project Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health mini-booklet.

For more information of the history of Breast Health Qigong, click here.

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