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💫Ever Helped An Author Become A Best-Seller?📚

✨🪶Dearest Feather~Followers🪺✨

⭐️Have you ever helped an Author become a Best-Seller?💫

💚On Spring Equinox🌱Tuesday March 19, 2024 

For these specific 24 hours… 

there are a 3 WAYS you can help me become a ”Best-Selling Author” 📚

One costs a few dollars & two are FREE!



3) 🤲🏽SHARE


one or several books/author’s reading for $29.99 CAD plus tax & shipping. 

“Pooka Monkers Notices: A Child’s Hopeful Journey Through Family Separation”

(Recommended by child psychologists for children ages 6-9 yrs.

With positive feedback from families who have supported children ages 2-12 yrs.)

*Right now the stats are 18% of students in Canada & 50% of students in the US will live this experience. If your family is not experiencing this transition, please gift this resource to a family in need or donate it to school, library, children’s counsellor, or church in your community. 


If you have read my book & listened to the authors reading online, please feel free to review my book here: 

3) 🤲🏽SHARE

If you would like to support this Best~Seller campaign by spreading the word, please share my social media stories & posts on Facebook, Instagram or email this message to your community. You can find my social media handles & bio on my website:

“Pooka Monkers Notices: A Child's Hopeful Journey Through Family Separation” is a story with heart. This profound yet whimsical story written in rhyming couplets cultivates compassion for any child navigating the loss of the family they once knew. With brilliant paintings, empowering parenting messages, and a QR code to gain free access to the author's audio reading online, this book will start a deeper conversation with your child and support the healing process. Join Pooka as she processes her parent’s divorce and discovers that being happy is still possible.


“Pooka Monkers Notices: A Child’s Hopeful Journey Through Family Separation is a must for any family that is going through separation and divorce. I utilize this book regularly in my practice, both with children and their parents. Shannon McEwan’s writing and story leave the reader feeling empowered, optimistic, and less alone.”

Kelly Moroz, M.Sc.

Registered Psychologist

Director, Moroz Child Psychology Group & Dad

“Pooka Monkers Notices is ‘The Power of Now’ for kids!”

Steve Jarand, Educator & Dad

“As a family therapist and parent, I can truly say that this is a very important book. Children finally have a safe, comforting, and useful book to help them feel less alone during a very turbulent transition, such as family separation. This book is so thoughtfully done with the most heart felt, compassionate details. Not to mention, it is whimsical, imaginative and speaks to the curios language of a young person. After just a few pages, you will feel like you know and relate to Pooka and can empathize with her journey. I could not recommend this book enough.”

Samantha Kerr, Therapist & Mom

Please note, this specific campaign takes place:

💚Spring Equinox🌱Tuesday March 19, 2024 

For these specific 24 hours… 

My heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who take action to help make dreams come true🙏🏽

In Gratitude,

Shannon McEwan 

🪺Fledgling Creative✨

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

~Margaret Mead

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